Pet Food Manufacturers Association

As a member of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, World Feeds are involved with and are able to influence the specific legislation surrounding the manufacture of pet feeds. All aspects of the nutritional content, manufacture and distribution of pet feeds are controlled by stringent legislation to ensure that the complete food you purchase is of a high quality and will meet the nutritional requirements of your fish.

There are several codes of practise which we follow and this ensures that we adhere to, and in some instances go beyond the legal requirements placed on the industry regarding animal feed production. These include;

  • For manufacturing – FEDIAF (European Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association) Guide to Good Practise for the Manufacture of Safe Pet Food.
  • For labelling – FEDIAF (European Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association) Code of Good Labelling Practise for Pet Food.
  • For nutritional content – there are currently in excess of 50 peices of legislation which we regularly review to ensure that the raw materials we use produce the highest quality product possible for your pets.

Follow the links below to see the current recommendations from the PFMA regarding fish keeping.

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