China International Pet Show (CIPS) 2018

In it’s 23 years, the China International Pet Show (CIPS) has become the largest pet and aquatics supply show in the Asia-Pacific region. Not only does it serve as a huge platform for the rapidly developing Chinese and Asian market, but it is a hub for manufacturers and suppliers on a global level. At CIPS 2018, we were so excited to be a part of it!

We met up with our friends from Guangzhou Lanhai Marine Technology Co., Ltd who had set up a fantastic stand to showcase Vitalis to the Asian market. Star and Xiaoqin “Bin Bin” had nothing but great things to say about the impact that Vitalis is having on the aquatics market in the East.*World Feeds MD Peter Kersh pictured with Star Lee of Lanhai Aqua.

Some of our existing distributors from further afield even popped by to say hello, including Arjuna of Addicted2Fish (Australia). Our products received so many compliments at the show, with retailers and users alike speaking out about the multitude of benefits that Vitalis feeds had on their fish and invertebrates.*Peter with Arjuna of Addicted2Fish and Xiaoqin “Bin Bin” of Lanhai Aqua.

We here at Vitalis couldn’t be happier with the reception we are getting in China, and indeed around the world. It’s clear that hobbyists, aquarists and those in the know are firmly behind Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition as the best fish food on the market. #FEEDFISHBETTER!