#FeedFishBetter with Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition

The vision for Vitalis has always been to innovate and improve the way aquarium fish are fed. We use high quality raw ingredients and unique processes to provide fish food products like no other!

Don’t just listen to us though, watch the video below and let the fish do the talking! We’re on a mission to #FeedFishBetter!

Leading public aquariums and aquatics experts worldwide understand the nutritional benefits of Vitalis diets and you can bring that same high standard to your fish at home! We hope to spread the word on just how Vitalis fish foods #FeedFishBetter!

Our diet ranges are scientifically tailored to the specific nutritional needs of diverse species from all around the world. We combine the highest quality ingredients, including krill, squid, shrimp and blends of up to seven different algae, and employ unique processes to create soft, palatable and easily digestible foods which benefit not only the fish themselves, but water quality and filtration systems.

As we always say: “It’s what’s inside that counts.”


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