What ingredients go into Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition diets?

At World Feeds Ltd, we firmly believe in sourcing high quality, human-grade ingredients for the diets we produce.

These include;

  • Fish meal – produced from “whole fish”, not just trimmings or off-cuts. This ensures your carnivorous and omnivorous fish receive the correct nutritional profile they require for optimum growth.
  • Algae – we source different types of algae, all harvested sustainably, to ensure our feeds deliver a high quality, natural blend of nutritients, minerals and trace elements required by herbivorous and omnivorous fish.
  • Natural pigments – such as astaxanthin and canthaxanthin found in crustaceans which promote a healthy colouration in your fish.
  • Fish oils – we utilise a blend of fish oils which are food grade ingredients for maximum quality. These aid the production of our unique soft pellet and deliver your fish the energy and essential fatty acids they require for growth.