How should I feed Vitalis’ Platinum Marine Range to my fish?

The Vitalis Platinum Marine Range of products have been specifically tailored to support the  immune system of your fish. This promotion of their bodies natural defence mechanisms can help them fight off infection. Used in rotation with the other products in the Vitalis Marine Range over a 6 week period, the Platinum Marine Pellets and Flake allow you to keep your fish in peak condition.

Week 1 – 4 Feed your fish any combination of; Vitalis Marine Flakes, Vitalis Marine Pellets, Vitalis Algae Flakes, Vitalis Algae Pellets.

Week 5 – 6 Feed your fish Vitalis Platinum Marine Flakes and/or Platinum Marine Pellets.

Repeat the Vitalis Platinum Marine Feeding Schedule every 6 weeks for optimum nutrition and health.