Spotlight on Vitalis Marine Grazers

One of our most popular and unique fish food products are the Vitalis Grazers. Formulated specifically for grazing aquatic species, the water-stable rings of our Mini Grazer range are designed to sit on special suction fixings on the side of your home aquarium. Due to the special binder we use in our the rings are able to remain in the aquarium for 24 hours and promote a natural feeding experience for your fish.

Why take our word for it when you can watch the Grazer in action though!…

Vitalis Grazers are also used by leading public aquariums around the world, produced in a larger log format which is able to be sliced according to the dietary needs of the fish. Aquarists in the know already appreciate the nutritional benefits of our highly palatable and easily digestible diets and you can bring that same high standard of quality nutrition to your fish at home.

The Vitalis Grazer is available from retailers in two key formulations: Vitalis Marine Grazer and Vitalis Tropical Grazer. Each are tailored scientifically to give the fish exactly what they need, retaining all the nutrients with minimal waste.