Vitalis Koi Pellets From World Feeds are Going Down Well




Koi and their keepers are enjoying the benefits of the Vitalis Koi Pellets launched last year after extensive testing by World Feeds, the Yorkshire-based fish nutrition innovator.

Using only the highest quality materials, including natural pigments and a unique blend of algae, the pellets are highly digestible, soft and sinking, allowing Koi to feed in a natural way throughout the year.

Furthermore, the quality of the Vitalis pellets ensures superior growth rate, good body shape and exceptional natural colours in the fish, as well as maintaining the water’s quality.

Due to the ingredients’ quality and high digestibility, hobbyists are needing to use up to 50 per cent less food – by weight – compared to traditional products.

For keepers who enjoy feeding the fish at the surface, the Vitalis Koi Pellets’ top-quality ingredients attract koi, making hand feed training easier. A short time holding a lightly clenched fistful of pellets just below the water surface should do the trick.

Allowing the odd pellet to fall out of the fist and sink encourages fish to come forward. Once fish realise where the food is coming from they will approach the fist, which can be opened to allow fish to feed. This may take a couple of days but as soon as one fish starts to take food the others will follow suit.

Vitalis Koi Pellets are available in three sizes – 1.5mm, 4mm and 6mm – with the smallest size ideal for growing-on Tategoi, allowing them to achieve their full potential.

As the water temperature rises, when fish metabolism is at its peak, feed amounts should be increased, with care taken not to overfeed. Warmer water temperature and quality food will result in excellent growth rate through the summer season. Equally, at cooler times feeding quantities and frequency should be reduced. Fish should never be fed more than they can consume in two minutes – it is better to feed more frequently rather than feeding large amounts all at once.


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