Vitalis Marine Strand – Advanced Shark Nutrition

Vitalis products are used to feed hundreds of thousands of fish and aquatic species around the world, from huge ocean tanks in public aquariums to household goldfish tanks. Our standards of high-quality advanced aquatic nutrition and the benefits of them both to the fish and the user are self evident. Vitalis is a palatable and easily digestible food that attracts even the fussiest of aquatic diners such as lionfish and sharks.

Below is a video of just how we have been able to accomplish the difficult task of delivering quality nutrition to Sand Tiger Sharks, courtesy of the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. The Vitalis Marine Strand acts as essentially an elongated form of our pellet products, scientifically formulated to cater to the dietary requirements of the shark.

Notoriously difficult to feed, sharks such as Sand Tigers are generally fed on a “wet fish” or squid diet, however the nutritional benefits that Vitalis provides can still be delivered to the animals by concealing the Strand product within the body cavity of the fish or squid. This then creates a “food parcel” containing the important nutrition while the presentation is still attractive to the shark.

James Robson, Curator at SEA LIFE London Aquarium had this to say:

“Managing the nutrition of our largest elasmobranchs is hugely important and often difficult, even when target trained. Using the Strand product allows us to enrich a variety of difficult food types to ensure even the most difficult feeders get what they need for long term health and welfare.”

While our Marine Strand is available exclusively to public aquariums, our fish pellets available fro, your local retailer are made using exactly the same formulation and production processes. This kind of advanced nutrition is being embraced by leading public aquariums the world over and you can bring that same standard of high quality diet to your fish at home.