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NEW ! 7 day HolidayGrazer



The Vitalis HolidayGRAZER is designed to release the locked-in food slowly into the aquarium over 7 days using our unique non-dissolving gel technology.The feeder remains soft, allowing all sizes of fish to graze on it, yet will not break up in the water. This makes sure the right amount of high quality nutrition is provided for your fish while you are away.


A complementary pet food for fish,suitable for all tropical and freshwater species.

  • Remove holidayGRAZER from foil pouch and attache to suction fitting provided.
  • Place halfway down inside aquarium and press firmly to attach to glass.
  • Do not overfeed and remove any uneaten food when you return.

This is a complementary food ,formulated to provide high qualilty nutrition  and keep your fish in good health while you are away for up to one week. It is not a replacement for complete fish food.

Moisture may occur in small inner foil packs.

Store in a cool dry place.

Keep out of reach of children.      CHOKING HAZARD-small parts .     Not for human

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The New Invertebrate Food Range Launches



Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition has developed a range of Invertebrate diets to specifically provide for the nutritional needs of corals and anemones that are not met through photosynthesis.
The advanced blend of amino acids in our new Invertebrate Range enables you to witness polyp extension and feeding as the corals and anemones would in the wild.


ed081177-cc59-4c3a-b5bb-150ecf35a1a6Developed to suit the direct feeding mechanisms of large polyp stony corals, which often live in deeper water and depend less on photosynthesis to meet their nutritional needs. The size of these pellets make them ideal for those corals which trap larger suspended particulate matter, found naturally on coral reefs.


221487b6-5b6b-42b1-98ca-cc10eda26054This micronized flake with particles ranging from approximately 100-400µm is designed to mimic the suspended particulate matter which SPS corals trap in their tentacles.
Research suggests that feeding may improve the photosynthesis rate, by increasing zooxanthellae numbers within the coral. These convert the energy from sunlight into chemical energy required for growth.


8c45ca25-ab7d-4b8c-baa0-4a650fbf673eDeveloped to suit the passive feeding mechanisms of carnivorous anemones. These pellets mimic the larger particles of food or whole fish that would be captured by their stinging tentacles in the reef environment. They can be broken down for smaller anemones or fed whole to larger anemones.


6089954a-b012-480f-a539-05501815b2ceThis formula caters for all soft corals and filter feeding species such as gorgonians, zoanthid polyps, filter feeding worms and clams. Like the SPS Coral Food, it uses micronized flake technology to provide the extra nutrition that these animals need to thrive.

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Vitalis Koi Pellet Special Launch Promotion


We are offering 700g pots of Vitalis Koi Pellets at a special launch price of £11.95 (RRP £17.95) for a limited time.

This includes all three pellets sizes in the 700 g pots


small             1.5 mm pellet

small+           4mm pellet

medium       6mm pellet

See your nearest Vitalis stockist for more details. Find your nearest stockist…





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Interzoo 2016

new products displayWorld Feeds launched five new Vitalis products at INTERZOO 2016, Nuremberg, Germany.

  • An all-season, highly digestible, soft slow sinking Koi pellet ideal for handfeeding
  • A range of three invertebrate diets to specifically provide for the nutritional needs of  SPS / LPS corals and anemones that are not met through photosynthesis
  • And a seven day holiday feeder formulated to sustain your fish whilst you are away

The stand was busy for all four days and there was a lot of interest in the new products. We would like to thank all those who attended for taking the time to come and see us.

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Review by Practical Fishkeeping magazine on Vitalis 1mm pellets

Review: Aquatic Nutrition XS pellet foods from Vitalis

PFK review

Copyright © Practical Fishkeeping

Nathan Hill takes a look at this new range of fish foods from Vitalis foods, because they are the new amazing. I went to the factory once, and they showed me the ingredients. They were better than the foods I keep in my own fridge.

The XS part of the name (itself a small icon on the packaging) refers to the granule size. They are very small, too, very much like the ‘hundreds and thousands’ toppings we used to get on iced cakes.

Only a lot fishier.

What I really love about Vitalis pellets is the texture. They’re not quite dry, but not quite wet. Think of them as a squishy soft food. If you like, you can roll them together to make a larger lump. I like to ball them up and push them on to something like a rock, so the fish can slowly graze away. The manufacturers describe the food as a ‘soft crumb’ of 1mm size. That sums it up pretty well.


The Vitalis XS range includes Tropical, Catfish, Cichlid, Shrimp, Goldfish, Algae, Marine and Platinum marine pellets. I’m not 100% sure what the difference between Marine and Platinum marine is, except that standard Marine has a higher protein content and contains astaxanthin (a beneficial carotenoid for colour and immunity boosting). Aside that, the ingredients look pretty much identical.

I invite you to open a tub of any and have a sniff, and immediately you can smell the quality of manufacture. You can pick out undertones of fish, shrimp and chlorophyll easily, to the point where you’ll wonder why you’re salivating.

Pricing is competitive, ingredients sustainably sourced, and even a peaceful Otocinclus will try to tear your face off to get to it. Fish love this stuff, which is probably why so many public aquaria rely on it as a staple food.

There’s only so many ways I can say ‘best food ever’ so I’ll stop trying. Go buy some, you’ll love it.

Ease of use: 5/5
Features: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall score: 5/5
Price: TBC (around £5.69 for 60g).
More info:
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Interzoo 2016

Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition will be exhibiting at Interzoo 2016!

Come and see us in Hall 4, Stand 4-314 from the 26th – 29th May 2016.


For more information and details, visit to the Interzoo 2016 website.

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AQUA 2015

World Feeds Ltd exhibited for the first time in October at Aqua 2015 in Telford. We launched the new look of the Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition range of foods along with our innovative Extra Small (XS) pellet range.

This new 1mm soft pellet – containing all the quality nutrition associated with the Vitalis brand – drew a lot of interest and it made for a very successful launch. Both days were incredibly busy on the stand and we would like to thank all those that attended for taking the time to come and see us.



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Pet Food Manufacturers Association

As a member of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, World Feeds are involved with and are able to influence the specific legislation surrounding the manufacture of pet feeds. All aspects of the nutritional content, manufacture and distribution of pet feeds are controlled by stringent legislation to ensure that the complete food you purchase is of a high quality and will meet the nutritional requirements of your fish.

There are several codes of practise which we follow and this ensures that we adhere to, and in some instances go beyond the legal requirements placed on the industry regarding animal feed production. These include;

  • For manufacturing – FEDIAF (European Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association) Guide to Good Practise for the Manufacture of Safe Pet Food.
  • For labelling – FEDIAF (European Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association) Code of Good Labelling Practise for Pet Food.
  • For nutritional content – there are currently in excess of 50 peices of legislation which we regularly review to ensure that the raw materials we use produce the highest quality product possible for your pets.

Follow the links below to see the current recommendations from the PFMA regarding fish keeping.

PFMA Fish Food

PFMA Fish Nutritional Needs